Dr Moyra Dale

In over two decades in the Middle East, Moyra was involved in teacher –training for adult literacy (Arabic) for a decade and a half.  Her PhD explored the gaps between what happened in the classroom and curriculum, and literacy practices in women’s everyday lives.  As part of her DTh she completed ethnographic research in a women’s mosque programme in the Middle East.  More recently she has been involved in educating people for cross-cultural ministry, with a focus on cultural anthropology and Islam.  She has taught in a number of Bible colleges in Australia, the US and Asia.

Research interests

Islam, Muslim women, women’s issues across religions and cultures, how the Bible and cultural anthropology help to re-read each other.

Dr Patricia Harrison

Patricia has over 40 years of experience in Education, having taught in schools, university, and above all, in theological colleges, and has participated in training school teachers and ESL teachers.  She has taught Missiology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Cross-Cultural Communication, TESOL, Ethics and other subjects at several ACT and SCD theological colleges. She has also been an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and has taught intensives in Latvia, the Philippines and other countries.

Over a number of years, Patricia has supervised students in their Master’s and Doctoral research with various theological colleges. These include London School of Theology/Middlesex University, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies/ Open University, Alphacrucis College, Tabor College Adelaide, and Asia Graduate School of Theology Alliance and other institutions.  She serves on the Programme Board of the MA program in Theological Education of London School of Theology, and on the Academic Board of the Australian College of Christian Studies. She is also on the Board of Worldview, the WEC college in Tasmania (now affiliated with Melbourne School of Theology).

Patricia served for about a decade with the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission as an international consultant in Theological Education, working with many missions and denominations on all continents. In retirement, she continues similar consultancy on request. Patricia is also well known in Theological Education by Extension circles, and has conducted numerous workshops on this around the world.  She currently serves as an honorary Senior Advisor to the INCREASE Association, which works with TEE programs across Asia, Russia and the Middle East.  (In this region alone there are currently about 100,000 TEE students.)

Research interests

teaching & learning in cross-cultural theological education; theological education by extension (TEE); language & literacy in mission and in international theological education  – and more generally, missiology and cross-cultural communication; Christian social and political ethics

Dr Birgit Herppich

Birgit teaches Practices of Mission at the School of Intercultural Studies of Fuller Theological Seminary and has been working in cross-cultural contexts with WEC International for almost 30 years. She served eight years in Ghana where she trained leaders and organized the children’s ministry department of the Evangelical Church of Ghana, as well as coaching new missionaries in their cultural adjustment and language learning. Since 2015 she is the International Membership Department Coordinator for WEC International. In this role she coaches national leaders and coordinates the preparation of new missionaries from almost 60 different nations for work in cross-cultural contexts around the world.

Her studies and research interests focus on the history and present realities of intercultural missionary training and practice, especially in Africa. They include the history of global Christianity and the current global missionary movement, especially in and from Africa, Contextualization, Intercultural Theology, Spirituality and Leadership Development. Her PhD focused on the missionary training of the largest German mission in the nineteenth century and its (often adverse) effects on their work in Ghana. Her passion is to minimise in present day contexts the dynamic of Trained Incapacity which her research revealed.

Research interests

the history of the global Christian movement, especially in Africa; African missionary engagement and migration; missiology, contextualization, intercultural communication and cross-cultural ministry; education and training in and for intercultural contexts; Christian spirituality and leadership development.

Dr Evelyn Hibbert

Evelyn has experience in pioneer church planting. She had the privilege of being involved in discipling, leadership development and theological education for a movement of thousands of people to Christ after the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. Evelyn is working on developing accessible theological training for these believers who are now scattered across Western Europe.

Evelyn has had an international ministry helping cross-cultural workers with strategic planning, church planting, multicultural teamwork, and developing and evaluating training programs (face-to-face and online) at all levels from pre-literate adult learners to doctoral research students.

ORCID, Academia, Google Scholar

Research interests

cross-cultural and multicultural ministry, women’s movements, gendered space, leadership, cross-cultural teaching and learning, cross-cultural hermeneutics, academic literacy

Dr Cathy Hine

Cathy has worked in South Asia and the Middle East in areas of development, education, church and women’s activism, as well as leadership in mission. She is passionate about women and change, particularly how the transforming power of the Kingdom of God, expressed in the message of the Gospel, is foundational to challenging the structures that mediate Muslim women’s lives. In her PhD Cathy explored this theme through the lives of women activists in Pakistan. As one of the Founders of the When Women Speak … network Cathy is engaged in enabling women to understand the experience of faith for women living under Islam and ensuring women’s voices are part of our understanding of faith and mission.

Research interests

women, Islam and mission; women, social activism and change; issues that impact discipleship for women followers of Jesus out of Islam, honour and shame as experienced by women, and the intersection of women’s social activism and the gospel

Dr Georgina Jardim

Georgina is a Fellow of the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies in Oxford and Research Associate of the University of Gloucestershire, UK. She has taught courses on Islam, Gender and Mission and Scriptural Engagement part-time at a variety of institutions, such as Redcliffe College, All Nations Christian College, London School of Theology and Bristol Baptist College. She founded an activity called the Holy Book Club which brings Christians and Muslims together to have conversations based on texts from the Bible and Quran. She has published on female characters of the Quran and Bible, as well as historical reflections on relations between Muslims and Christians in southern Africa.

Research interests

female characterisation in religious literature, life and work in Muslim contexts, scriptural engagement as inter faith dialogue

Dr Cathy Ross

Dr Cathy Ross is Head of  Pioneer Leadership Training at CMS (Church Mission Society) and  Lecturer in Mission at Regent’s Park College, Oxford.  She comes from Aotearoa/NZ.    Until 2016 she was the General Secretary of the International Association for Mission Studies. She has previously worked in Rwanda, Congo and Uganda with NZCMS.  Her recent publications include Women with a Mission, Rediscovering Missionary Wives in Early New Zealand, (Auckland:Penguin, 2006) and Mission in the 21st Century, Exploring the Five Marks of Global Mission (ed with Andrew Walls); (London:DLT, 2008), Life-Widening Mission: Global Anglican Perspectives (Oxford:Regnum, 2012) and Mission in Context (with John Corrie, Ashgate, 2012), The Pioneer Gift (with Jonny Baker, London:SCM, 2014), Mission on the Road to Emmaus, (with Steve Bevans, London:SCM, 2015), Pioneering Spirituality (with Jonny Baker, London:SCM, 2015). She is married to Steve, a GP in Oxford and they have 3 children and two grandchildren.  She enjoys tennis, swimming, coffee, travel and watching the All Blacks and Silver Ferns.

Research interests

mission, world Christianity, contextual theologies, feminist theologies, hospitality

Dr Verena Schafroth

Verena is a theological educator with several years of experience teaching theology on the mission field in South Sudan and Mozambique. Part of her PhD dissertation required qualitative field work in Mozambique, giving her insight into the complexities of undertaking research in a cross-cultural setting. In her current position as Academic Dean of the Instituto Teológico de Lichinga, she is furthermore responsible for the training of national staff members, curriculum design, and for conceptualising the organisational structure of the school.

Research interests

African theology, theological education in general and in Africa in particular, curriculum design for theological schools. I have published on pneumatology and have taught on many NT books and theology in general.

Dr Karen Shaw

Karen has served with MECO in the Middle East for nearly 30 years, mostly in Syria and Lebanon.  She was Associate Professor of Cross-Cultural Ministry at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Mansourieh al-Metn, Lebanon, and she pastored the International Community Church in Beirut.  Karen’s dissertation was an ethnographic grounded-theory study of affectivity in the religious beliefs and experiences of Muslim women. She and her husband have recently moved to Western Sydney.

Research interests

Karen has an interest in biblical and social science research related to culture, missional church, godly living, relationships between people of different cultures and religions, the affective in inter-religious encounters  and missional faith, gender and faith, Islam, the Middle East, and migration and justice.

Dr Xiaoli Yang

Xiaoli has been serving in Australia and overseas as a lecturer, pastor and mentor over the last twenty years.  Her PhD offers a conversation between the Chinese soul-searching and the gospel of Jesus Christ through a unique contextual poetic lens (Leiden: Brill, 2018).  She has published widely for both academic and general readers. She is also a spiritual director and serves on the Executive Committee of Australian Association of Mission Studies and the Editorial Board of Australian Journal of Mission Studies.

Research interests

intercultural theology; world/Asian Christianity, poetic theology, comparative theology, ethno-hermeneutics, Christian spirituality