Dr Birgit Herppich

Birgit teaches Practices of Mission at the School of Intercultural Studies of Fuller Theological Seminary and has been working in cross-cultural contexts with WEC International for almost 30 years. She served eight years in Ghana where she trained leaders and organized the children’s ministry department of the Evangelical Church of Ghana, as well as coaching new missionaries in their cultural adjustment and language learning. Since 2015 she is the International Membership Department Coordinator for WEC International. In this role she coaches national leaders and coordinates the preparation of new missionaries from almost 60 different nations for work in cross-cultural contexts around the world.

Her studies and research interests focus on the history and present realities of intercultural missionary training and practice, especially in Africa. They include the history of global Christianity and the current global missionary movement, especially in and from Africa, Contextualization, Intercultural Theology, Spirituality and Leadership Development. Her PhD focused on the missionary training of the largest German mission in the nineteenth century and its (often adverse) effects on their work in Ghana. Her passion is to minimise in present day contexts the dynamic of Trained Incapacity which her research revealed.

Research interests

the history of the global Christian movement, especially in Africa; African missionary engagement and migration; missiology, contextualization, intercultural communication and cross-cultural ministry; education and training in and for intercultural contexts; Christian spirituality and leadership development.

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