Angelina Noble

Angelina Noble (c.1879-1964) was born in Longreach, Queensland.  She married James Noble in 1904, and together they worked as missionaries helping to found churches across Northern Australia.  Angela was known particularly as a gifted linguist, fluent in at least five Aboriginal languages. Sometimes the only female missionary, her variety of roles included caring for the sick, teaching in the mission school, acting as baker and cook, and also herding cattle. Angela and James had six children. She survived James by 23 years, and died at Yarrabah, Queensland.  As an indigenous Christian leader, her example continues to inspire women of all backgrounds today. To learn more about Angelina’s life and ministry, visit her entry in The Encyclopaedia of Women and Leadership in Twentieth-Century Australia.


The aim of the Angelina Noble Centre is to encourage, support and facilitate women cross-cultural workers undertaking coursework Masters research projects and higher degree research in cross-cultural missions.

Although women are in the majority in the Church worldwide, they do not have the same degree of access to participate in theological higher education. The effect of this disparity is to exclude women, who constitute the majority of the world’s missionary workforce, from participation in the scholarly conversation that affects their professional practice as missionaries. Not only are women’s perspectives omitted in the understanding of missiology, but potential female scholars miss out on the formative effects of mentoring and peer review from their more experienced peers. The ANC provides an opportunity for women scholars who are not permanent employees of academic institutions to have a voice concerning cross-cultural missions practice and be developed as scholars in the discipline of missiology.

The Centre provides a home-base for women missions scholars to develop a verifiable academic identity, access library resources and be mentored by more experienced women missiologists. This ‘home’ is a virtual concept. It is an international network connecting in an online environment, in order to reach as many potential scholars as possible.


The ANC is an accredited Australian charity (ABN 81630628054). The company members and its directors are the Mentors.

We have an External Board which provides oversight, support and advice. Its members include a female cross-cultural missionary working in a country other than her home country, three of the Mentors, as well as:

Dr Diane Marshall (Chair) – Global Director for Regional Development, SIM International

Dr Mary Evans – Chair, Board of Trustees, Langham Partnership UK & Ireland

Dr Leanne Dzubinski – Associate Professor of Intercultural Education, Cook School of Intercultural Studies, Biola University, USA

join with us

Joining the ANC brings you into our collaborative learning community. We meet together regularly to learn from and support each other in research in cross-cultural missions. We also share news and resources which help us in our research and writing. The three categories of membership are described below.


Mentors are women cross-cultural mission practitioners who are actively involved in cross-cultural missions research and are committed to supervising and mentoring new researchers. They are qualified to supervise doctoral degrees.

associate researcher

Associate Researchers are women who are involved in cross-cultural missions research but are not available or not yet qualified to mentor new researchers.

collaborative partner

Collaborative partners are people who are employed as missions lecturers, or people from non-missiological disciplines who would like to learn from or collaborate with us in research.

ANC mentors (research supervisors)

Dr Moyra Dale

In over two decades in the Middle East, Moyra was involved in teacher –training for adult literacy (Arabic) for a decade and a half.  Her PhD explored the gaps between what happened in the classroom and curriculum, and literacy practices in women’s everyday lives.  As part of her DTh she completed ethnographic research in aContinue reading “Dr Moyra Dale”

Dr Patricia Harrison

Patricia has over 40 years of experience in Education, having taught in schools, university, and above all, in theological colleges, and has participated in training school teachers and ESL teachers.  She has taught Missiology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Cross-Cultural Communication, TESOL, Ethics and other subjects at several ACT and SCD theological colleges. She has also been anContinue reading “Dr Patricia Harrison”

Dr Birgit Herppich

Birgit teaches Practices of Mission at the School of Intercultural Studies of Fuller Theological Seminary and has been working in cross-cultural contexts with WEC International for almost 30 years. She served eight years in Ghana where she trained leaders and organized the children’s ministry department of the Evangelical Church of Ghana, as well as coachingContinue reading “Dr Birgit Herppich”