Dr Louise Simon

Dr Louise Simon photograph

Louise Simon has lived and worked in both East and Southeast Asia. She currently teaches in the areas of cultural anthropology, language acquisition, and world religions at CMS-Australia’s training college, St. Andrew’s Hall, in Melbourne. She is also an adjunct lecturer in missiology at Ridley College, Melbourne. As part of her role equipping cross-cultural workers, she undertakes research and writing on women in Islam for the When Women Speak network. In addition, Louise has extensive experience teaching English as an Additional Language in the adult education sector both in Australia and overseas. Louise’s PhD in East Asian Studies from the Australian National University was a participant observation study of Chinese high schools, examining the effects of the National University Entrance Examination on students and teachers.


Research interests

Cultural anthropology; cross-cultural awareness and training; second language acquisition; women in Islam; East Asian studies; Southeast Asian studies.

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