Dr Patricia Harrison

Patricia has over 40 years of experience in Education, having taught in schools, university, and above all, in theological colleges, and has participated in training school teachers and ESL teachers.  She has taught Missiology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Cross-Cultural Communication, TESOL, Ethics and other subjects at several ACT and SCD theological colleges. She has also been anContinue reading “Dr Patricia Harrison”

Dr Birgit Herppich

Birgit teaches Practices of Mission at the School of Intercultural Studies of Fuller Theological Seminary and has been working in cross-cultural contexts with WEC International for almost 30 years. She served eight years in Ghana where she trained leaders and organized the children’s ministry department of the Evangelical Church of Ghana, as well as coachingContinue reading “Dr Birgit Herppich”

Dr Evelyn Hibbert

Evelyn has experience in pioneer church planting. She had the privilege of being involved in discipling, leadership development and theological education for a movement of thousands of people to Christ after the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. Evelyn is working on developing accessible theological training for these believers who are now scattered across WesternContinue reading “Dr Evelyn Hibbert”

Dr Cathy Hine

Cathy has worked in South Asia and the Middle East in areas of development, education, church and women’s activism, as well as leadership in mission. She is passionate about women and change, particularly how the transforming power of the Kingdom of God, expressed in the message of the Gospel, is foundational to challenging the structures thatContinue reading “Dr Cathy Hine”

Dr Georgina Jardim

Georgina is a Fellow of the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies in Oxford and Research Associate of the University of Gloucestershire, UK. She has taught courses on Islam, Gender and Mission and Scriptural Engagement part-time at a variety of institutions, such as Redcliffe College, All Nations Christian College, London School of Theology and Bristol Baptist College.Continue reading “Dr Georgina Jardim”

Dr Cathy Ross

Dr Cathy Ross is Head of  Pioneer Leadership Training at CMS (Church Mission Society) and  Lecturer in Mission at Regent’s Park College, Oxford.  She comes from Aotearoa/NZ.    Until 2016 she was the General Secretary of the International Association for Mission Studies. She has previously worked in Rwanda, Congo and Uganda with NZCMS.  Her recentContinue reading “Dr Cathy Ross”

Dr Verena Schafroth

Verena is a theological educator with several years of experience teaching theology on the mission field in South Sudan and Mozambique. Part of her PhD dissertation required qualitative field work in Mozambique, giving her insight into the complexities of undertaking research in a cross-cultural setting. In her current position as Academic Dean of the InstitutoContinue reading “Dr Verena Schafroth”

Dr Karen Shaw

Karen has served with MECO in the Middle East for nearly 30 years, mostly in Syria and Lebanon.  She was Associate Professor of Cross-Cultural Ministry at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Mansourieh al-Metn, Lebanon, and she pastored the International Community Church in Beirut.  Karen’s dissertation was an ethnographic grounded-theory study of affectivity in theContinue reading “Dr Karen Shaw”

Dr Xiaoli Yang

Xiaoli has been serving in Australia and overseas as a lecturer, pastor and mentor over the last twenty years.  Her PhD offers a conversation between the Chinese soul-searching and the gospel of Jesus Christ through a unique contextual poetic lens (Leiden: Brill, 2018).  She has published widely for both academic and general readers. She isContinue reading “Dr Xiaoli Yang”