Dr Cathy Hine

Cathy has worked in South Asia and the Middle East in areas of development, education, church and women’s activism, as well as leadership in mission. She is passionate about women and change, particularly how the transforming power of the Kingdom of God, expressed in the message of the Gospel, is foundational to challenging the structures that mediate Muslim women’s lives. In her PhD Cathy explored this theme through the lives of women activists in Pakistan. As one of the Founders of the When Women Speak … network Cathy is engaged in enabling women to understand the experience of faith for women living under Islam and ensuring women’s voices are part of our understanding of faith and mission.

Research interests

women, Islam and mission; women, social activism and change; issues that impact discipleship for women followers of Jesus out of Islam, honour and shame as experienced by women, and the intersection of women’s social activism and the gospel

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